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    Memorize His Word is a personal software program designed to help you make Scripture memorization and review a part of your daily life.

    It's very flexible and completely customizable. You choose how many verses to add, when to add them, and how often to review each one. You memorize at your speed. You choose how many words to erase on the memorize screen, or even which words to erase. Then test your ability to recall the passage. You work with your preferred translation. This easy to use program even comes complete with a great libray of verses to choose from. Browse these verses and add any of them to your personal list at any time. The best part about this program is that it keeps you memorizing scripture on a daily basis and reviewing the Word of God for life.
    Both the Home Edition and the Online Edition can stand alone as it's own product. However, they also work great together as they can keep your file in sync between the two editions. You might want the Home Edition for your desktop PC and use the Online Editon on your laptop or at work. Again, this way your file will stay in sync between the two! Let's say you add a verse while working on your Home Edition, then while you're away from home, you can sign in to the online edition and have immediate access to your most current file.


  • A tool to help you memorize new verses.
        This tool has 3 modes: Recite, Review, and Test.
        Recite mode is excellent to use with kids. This mode simply displays the verse on the screen, one word at a time, for the user to see and read aloud. The speed is set by the user. Research shows that the more opportunities a young learner has to receive input (words on the screen), the more likely they will be able to memorize and recall that information.
        In Review mode, this tool puts your verse on the computer screen and allows you to erase portions of the passage with the click of a button. Simply continue reviewing your verse while erasing more and more of the passage, until you have it memorized. You control how many words get erased with each round or you can choose exactly which words to erase.
        In Test mode, you can test your ability to recall a passage. This feature clears the passage from the screen, then you simply try to type the first letter of each word, one after the next. Wrong entries get marked with an 'X' and it shows the correct word. When you're done, you'll see the percent you got correct.
  • A review system to keep you on track.
        Never forget the verses you memorize! Every verse has settings (set by you) that put the verse on a review schedule. You'll be able to see what verses need to be reviewed today, in an instant. As you review them, they disapear from the list of verses needing review. You can view and/or adjust your review schedule anytime.
  • Add your own verses, or choose from the included library.
        When adding your own verse, you can just simply type it in, or use one of the built-in tools to help you find the passage you're looking for.
        Not sure what verses to memorize or where to find them? Try browsing the included library! Available translations included are NIV, ESV, NASB, KJV, and NKJV. It’s a collection of really great Bible verses to help you find some that you would like to memorize.
  • Add as many users as you would like.
        This is a great option for families because everyone can have their own file, each with their own verses and settings.
  • Print out your memory verses or save as a text file.
    (see sample printout - PDF)