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Memorize His Word is a FREE personal software program for your PC and the Web designed to help you make Scripture memory a consistent and regular part of your life. It helps you memorize new verses, and shows you when to review so you don't forget them. It's flexibility makes it great for all ages. You set the pace to your speed. It's an effective tool for the whole family to help you Memorize His Word!
Now available in two editions:
The Home Edition loads directly to your PC making it fast and feature rich. Click here for more details.
The Online Edition is a subscription service that gives you access to a web-based version of Memorize His Word. There is also a companion mobile site!
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"Memorize His Word is exactly what I have been looking for. I have tried quite a few software approaches--free and commercial--but none ever quite measured up. Your program interface is simple to use; and the review system and memorization tool are both effective and flexible. What a blessing!"
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